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Details of Soloplus incredibly successful programme, People and Organisational Change. Staff are increasingly expected to deal with change through restructuring, extra demands, new roles and responsibilities. This workshop, which is presented as either a one-day or two-day event, enables people to deal more effectively with the emotional and practical demands of change. It focuses on improving understanding about change at work, and developing the personal resources that people need in times of uncertainty, pressure and change. Objectives: Provides attendees with time to reflect on the change process Provides an opportunity for, and guidance on, preparing personal strategies Enables better understanding of how people typically respond to change Gives a structure for personal management with organisation ideals Promotes a sense of personal empowerment and raises morale Provides new insights into ways of improving the quality of our working lives This seminar has been very successful in helping hundreds of employees at many Welsh NHS Trusts, Local Health Boards and Local Government departments navigate major step departmental and organisational change. Course Content The myths of change How people adapt to change in order to survive The stressors and the anecdotes in uncertain situations Misunderstandings about change that typically arise Change is permanent, get to know it Managing the environment Managing ourselves The causes and consequences of our own 'typical' responses Becoming an active part of the change process Protecting personal integrity and values New choices in the face of 'no choice' Motivating self and others What we can change, and what we can't Putting energy to work effectively Cognitive skills for the 'darkest hour' Building on strengths and resources Personal goals and organisational aims Preparing for change: promise and success Good self-management techniques Build the future rather than try to change the past Summary and conclusions (which is just the beginning.) This module can also be adapted for people managing the change process.  Developing courses specifically to meet your needs and objectives is a crucial aspect of any seminar's success. To achieve this, all soloplus personal development courses are carefully designed and mapped to the Core Dimensions of the National Health Service Knowledge and Skills Framework, and all courses will encompass the requirements of the new GMS contracts. All programmes will be written to meet organisational, departmental and individual objectives.
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