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soloplus offers professional, flexible, affordable outplacement programmes I would like to take this opportunity to outline our services which are designed to provide creative and practical solutions to individuals who are  facing organisational change.  Our commitment is to empower individuals and teams to, help them manage the transition and achieve their full potential by guiding them  through a programme that is suited to their individual circumstances.  Group Outplacement Programmes Soloplus outplacement programmes combine full day workshops with professional consultant support. Our consultants work with individuals  facing career change in small groups to cover all the important issues and questions arising at times of job change.   Typical outplacement workshop content includes:   How to choose your new direction   Where to find job vacancies   Knowing your skills and strengths   Writing successful letters and CVs   Interview techniques and preparation   Networking and the hidden job market   Practical advice including managing finances and redundancy questions.   Group outplacement is a cost-effective way to offer the benefits of outplacement support to a greater number of people within Welsh Local  Health Boards.  Organisational Change Outplacement and Redundancy Support Our outplacement delivery team encompasses a wide range of experienced Human Resource professionals and Occupational Psychologists, all of  whom have over 10 years’ experience of operating within the NHS and South Wales recruitment market. We appreciate that when any post  within an organisation becomes redundant or subject to change, be it from the most senior to the most junior, then it is invariably difficult for  both the individuals concerned and those around them.   We recognise that good employers want to do as much as they can to assist key members of their workforce, especially those who have  demonstrated hard work, loyalty and commitment to the organisation, over a number of years.  We are also aware that many of the national organisations providing outplacement support are expensive, indeed, it can cost thousands of  pounds per individual to provide assistance.  We believe we offer a professional, effective and niche service which is cost effective and tailored to the individual and organisations’ unique  needs.  We are able to utilise the benefits of our extensive recruitment and local labour market knowledge, with a practical, highly cost effective  approach to providing support to individuals.  Furthermore, we recognise that we are operating in an environment where organisations would like to be as generous as possible, but also  mindful of the requirement to control overhead cost.  In line with the findings of our discussion we have devised some draft ideas for your consideration, which are designed to meet the specific and  particular needs of each “layer” of your workforce:  Administration & Support Staff  Workshop 1  Career Counselling & support – identifying future direction  Preparation of a highly professional CV  Identifying strengths and weaknesses  Managing change and stress  Workshop 2  Interviewing techniques, tips and advice  Networking and the hidden job market  Job search skills, adverts, agencies, application forms  Template and tailored written letters of application  Each member of staff will be offered the opportunity to attend both workshops (maximum of 10 – minimum of 5 per workshop), providing a  total of 12 hours of practical careers advice and support.  We would also offer the facility for a senior consultant within the soloplus team to be available for 1 day a week at your premises, to offer  specific and confidential 1:1 support and guidance.   Managers and Senior Managers Our executive outplacement programme includes personal, bespoke 1:1 support from our team of professional consultants for up to 20 hours  per manager. The advice and consultancy would cover the following elements:  Evaluating current situation and future direction, where am I now, where am I going?  Managing change and stress  Presentation skills  Psychometric profile - Myers Briggs,  Belbin, 16PF or SHL.  Preparation of an executive CV  Managing change and stress  Interviewing techniques, tips and advice  Networking for contacts and the hidden job market   Pro active marketing campaigns  Access to soloplus local labour market information and employer databases  Video feedback  How to use a recruitment consultancy  Action Planning – devising an effective career strategy 
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